We recognise that learning is complex and there are several forces that influence learning. In order to harness this, we recognise that complexity and diversity are increasingly integrated using time, technology and space in new ways.Our curriculum and our approach to teaching and learning places strong emphasis on 6 key areas:  Communication, Investigation, Networking, Participation, Scholarship and Vision.

It is because students learn to excel in these areas that they gain the confidence to become successful global citizens.


The ability to communicate effectively is vital for everyone in our school community. We believe that an accomplished communicator is well placed for both professional success and personal fulfilment.

Learning is a shared endeavour in which students are both challenged and supported, benefiting from positive relationships and productive discussion between and among staff and students. Powerful communication comes in many forms: spoken, written, in music, in dance, in art.


We encourage our learners to be curious about the world around them and to be creative thinkers. Through our innovative Brunel Engineering curriculum we provide opportunities for students to use research skills for enquiry in a range of contexts (see below).

Our emphasis on investigation encourages all of our students to be creative, critical and analytical thinkers. We celebrate the outcomes of students’ investigative work by holding regular exhibitions to which we invite parents and friends.


Royal Greenwich Trust School is an organisation with many friends that are local, national and global. We recognise that professional and personal success comes from the ability to create strong, mutually supportive relationships with those around us.

We also recognise that strong learning relationships are made both face-to-face and virtually. To this end imaginative use is made of real and virtual spaces using all appropriate technologies to maximise opportunities for learning.

We encourage our students to draw on and use inter- and cross-disciplinary knowledge, building bridges between them and making appropriate, safe and effective use of technology.


All students have opportunities to work in teams with a range of people and in varied contexts. Many students take leadership roles as part of the school council or within groups such as the school’s ‘Green Power Team’.

There are a wide range of opportunities to take part in sporting, artistic and cultural events.


As truly global citizens, our graduates are open to and aware of multiple perspectives. Our learners have empathy, with an awareness of difference. Our learners are inter-culturally engaged.

Our vision: Royal Greenwich Trust Graduates are skilful communicators, with confidence to participate in activities which support their personal development. Our links and contacts support them to network with the wider world. They develop enquiring minds, with an investigative approach to their studies. They are pushed to pursue scholarship in academic work, and develop inspiring visions for their futures.


Our students learn how to study and how to apply knowledge and skills in a range of contexts. We seek to develop intellectual curiosity and recognise that we can learn in both formal and informal situations. This old fashioned word ‘Scholarship’ sums up our approach to study.

Our learners know that to succeed they need to be both disciplined and hardworking. In order that all learners should succeed we ensure that learning is accessible for all students, and responsive to their diverse identities and needs. We carry out regular academic reviews and students and parents are aware of the next steps necessary for each learner to reach their potential.

During their learning journey students assume increasing responsibility for, and autonomy in their own learning. We believe that our strong work ethos prepares students for future success.

The Royal Greenwich Trust School places learner engagement and learner voice at the heart of its vision. Students must be able to access, analyse, and synthesise information in pursuit of solutions to real-life problems, work cooperatively with others and be receptive to new ideas, value education and maintain excellent attendance and disciplinary records.

The students must study wherever needed information is to be found, must participate in the construction of their learning and must be transitional learners, moving comfortably and confidently between structured to unstructured learning environments.

The Royal Greenwich Trust School aims to work reflecting the knowledge that all children have the potential to succeed and should go as far as their talents can take them; that children and young people need to enjoy their childhood as well as grow up prepared for adult life; that our school needs to be shaped by and responsive to children, young people and families, not designed around professional boundaries and that it is always better to prevent failure than tackle a crisis later.