Gifts Galore

Students recently visited Greenwich Market to try their hand at being a trader for the day.

Some of our incredible Year 12s have been working collaboratively since September as part of the Young Enterprise initiative. As a team they have come together to create two incredible gift hampers.

Young Enterprise is the perfect partner to support the RGTS Character Development Programme. We are constantly seeking new and better ways to enhance how our young people can build all the skills they will need to thrive in later life.

Students’ trip to the market was their first opportunity to sell their products to people beyond the school, and to collect in valuable market research that will develop their business in the coming months.

Of this experience, our sixth formers said:

•          “I really enjoyed going to the event as it allowed me to see other businesses and learn from them”.

•          “We got some really good feedback. It will help us to improve our business further”.

•          “I enjoyed talking to different people at the market”.

•          “Selling is one of the hardest tasks I have ever done! This experience has made me more confident though”.


Kay H. - this school looks like a great place for my kids to go to and slack off LMFAO

Stacy S. - Wow they look so professional

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