Junior Dance Competition - Well Done Zihan!

On 2nd of June our Year 7 students, Zihan, received 1st, 2nd and 4th prizes in a Up to 12 years old Junior Dance Competition at ISTD Final Competition for dancing Rumba and Waltz. Is the first time for Zihan to win in this competition.  Previously she was given the 1st place in a 10 to 11 years old competition for dancing Samba and Quickstep. Currently, Zihan is doing level 3 social dance attending the following dance schools: Dance Wise and MBA Dance.

Zihan is very dedicated to her passion. She is training 5 times a week, including weekends, having up to two 30-45 minute lessons per day.  She started dancing in China where she achieved the silver level when she was only 7 years old. She has continued her passion when she moved to England. Zihan has got 7 special dresses for her competitions that she brought over from China. Zihan is the youngest in her team at the moment. She is taking part in at least 2, 3 competition every month. Before every competition she has to wake up at 6am to prepare for it.

Zihan will compete again in July in order to achieve her goal and qualify for the Blackpool Dance Competition which will take place in November. In the future, she is planning to get the gold medal and we wish her the very best luck in achieving her dancing dreams!


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