Unlocking Art at the Tate Modern

This week 30 GCSE Art and Design students visited the Tate Modern art gallery. One of the top ten most visited galleries in the world, the Tate Modern has over a hundred years of art for visitors to discover.

Our students explored the extensive collection of modern artworks as a starting point for their art exam project, researching and documenting the artwork and relating it to the exam theme of ‘Lock’.

They were exceptional role models and it was a real pleasure to see them demonstrating such curiosity and enthusiasm. We wish them the best of luck and creativity for their exam projects!

Speaking about the trip, our students said:

"All of the sculptures and posters were fun to look at and learn from. I would go there again." - Tijan

"We saw lots of things we could apply to our artwork for the exam." - Delano

"I found the trip really enjoyable. This was because the view of London was gorgeous and I found the artwork mesmerising. A great experience!" - Lilliyan

"It was nice to go out on a trip and spend some time in a place that has what I like to do with friends." - Ruby