Reading at Home

They have missed months of formal in-classroom learning, friendships and formal routines. The loss of familiar routines can be particularly difficult. In an effort to combat this and ensure that children do not fall behind in their personal and academic progress, reading for pleasure should not be underestimated as it is one of the greatest benefits to a child’s education, their wellbeing, and their mental health. When your child/teen reads a book, they learn about people, places and events that they couldn’t learn about otherwise.  This gives them deeper understanding of the world which can be both rewarding and uplifting and is extremely valuable in these unusual circumstances.

The National Literacy Trust says ‘Reading has provided refuge in this difficult time, supporting children’s mental wellbeing and enabling them to dream about the future`. However, research suggests reading for pleasure tends to decline in the teenage years which is a worrying statistic which we at Royal Greenwich Trust School want to reverse by outlining the wealth of free resources and libraries available during this time so your child/teen can still access good quality literature and maintain their literacy skills. 

At Royal Greenwich Trust School, we want to support our families to ensure that reading continues to be a priority for all our learners, and this is the perfect time for children and teens to escape in a great book – it gives them a way to relax, bond with families and escape the current situation.

Here are some great reading book suggestions to transport your child/teen to other worlds:

You can also access our RGTS KS3 and KS4/5 reading canon lists and if you wish to reserve any of these texts for your child for collection at the main school reception you can do this by emailing our LRC manager/Librarian

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