Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Lockers – Can my child have a locker at school?

All RGTS students are able to have access to a locker. In order to obtain a locker, a small deposit is required and can be paid via ParentPay or cash at the school reception where the student will be given a receipt.

To get a locker the below steps need to be followed:

  1. A £5 deposit needs to be paid either to reception where they will be issued a receipt or this can be paid via Parent Pay.
  2. The student needs to visit Student Services at lunch time to get a locker key.
  3. The £5 deposit will be returned when the locker key has been returned to Student Services, if the key is lost the £5 deposit will be kept to purchase another locker key for the locker.

Parents Evening – When are the parent’s evenings?

Each year group has a parents’ evening scheduled into the academic year. The dates are as follows:

  • Tuesday 14th January - Year 9 Pathways Event at Greenwich University
  • Tuesday 4th February - Sixth Form
  • Tuesday 11th February - Year 8
  • Tuesday 3rd March - Year 9
  • Tuesday 12th May - Year 7
  • Tuesday 7th July - Year 6

Rewards – How is my child rewarded and recognised at school?

At The Royal Greenwich Trust School we value the importance of recognising students achievement and have a merit system to support that. Students can be awarded merits according our six core skills; Communication, Investigation, Participation, Networking, Scholarship and Vision.

Students can gain rewards through a variety of activities, these include being Ambassadors at school events, competitions run in the school, school performances, and contributions to the wider school community.

One example of a school reward trip that took place in December 2019 was an Ice Skating trip to Somerset House. 

The table below provides examples of the types of conduct where students can be awarded a merit.

The rewards and prizes are:

  • 20 Merits = Bronze certificate
  • 40 Merits = Silver certificate
  • 60 merits = Gold certificate
  • 100 Merits = Platinum certificate



  • Making a clear verbal presentation in class using standard English
  • Completion of a piece of extended writing that demonstrates real progress
  • Communicating clearly with guests during school events



  • Generating and pursuing challenging questions
  • Completing independent research of high quality



  • Helping out during school events
  • Good attendance to extracurricular activities
  • Regularly participating in a positive manner during lessons
  • Showing real care and consideration for others in the school and local community



  • Taking part in joint school projects



  • Developing increased resilience in the face of challenging work
  • Regularly completing homework to a high standard
  • Regularly completing classwork to a high standard
  • Reading/studying beyond the specified requirement
  • Improving ability to work independently



  • Planning ahead e.g. doing extra work independently or researching
  • Setting and working consistently towards a challenging objective
  • Taking positive risks that lead to personal growth
  • High aspirations e.g. produce exceptional homework to achieve targets
  • Making connections between subject areas
  • Breaking through on a fear that has previously held a student back
  • Encouraging and nurturing the development of others

School Meals – What is the catering provision at school?

At RGTS we have items available to purchase at breakfast, break and lunchtimes.

There is a gluten free menu and we have a no nut policy.

In exceptional circumstances if a student is unable to pay for their lunch and is not eligible for free school meals there is an option of salad and bread available to them.


There are water fountains available to the students to use at break times and lunchtimes.

Free school meals:

Students who are eligible for free school meals receive a main meal and a dessert at lunchtime.

They are also eligible to have a free breakfast of cereal or half a bagel, this is available between 8.30-8.50.

Breakfast – 8.30-8.50:

There is a range of breakfast items available for students to purchase.

Students can either top up there accounts via ParentPay on by putting money in the cashloaders in the canteen. Students have access to these machines before school and during break and lunch time.

Break time: 10.50-11.10:

Break time snacks cost from 60p to £1.20 depending on what the student wishes to purchase.

School dinners:

School dinners are served between 12.50-1.50, Year 7 have lunch between 12.50-1.10, Year 9 have lunch between 1.10-1.30 and Year 8 have their lunch between 1.30-1.50.

We offer a variety of hot meals to students, this changes everyday on a three week menu cycle.

A main meal costs £1.90 and a main meal and dessert costs £2.50.

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