Special Educational Needs

Royal Greenwich Trust School fully endorses the SEND Code of Practice (2015) core principles that:

All children and young people are entitled to an education that enables them to make progress so that they:

  • achieve their best
  • become confident individuals living fulfilling lives, and make a successful transition into adulthood, whether into employment, further or higher education or training

Royal Greenwich Trust School is fully committed to the inclusion of students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) providing that the school is compatible for the child’s age, ability and aptitude and that their attendance is not incompatible with the efficient education of other students in the school and is an efficient use of the Local Authority’s resources. In keeping with the school’s Equality Policy, we affirm that:

  • All learners are of equal value
  • We recognise, respect and value difference and understand that diversity is strength
  • We foster positive attitudes and relationships
  • We foster a shared sense of cohesion and belonging
  • We have the highest expectations of all our students
  • We work to raise standards for all students, but especially for the most vulnerable
  • We observe good equalities practice for our staff

All areas of the main building are fully accessible for people with disabilities or limited mobility.

Golden Group (Year 7 - 10) 

These are to support smaller groups of pupils who come into secondary below expected levels in literacy and numeracy and /or who need additional support with social and emotional needs.

Toe by Toe

This phonics intervention is a programme designed to teach students basic phonics in order to be able to read effectively.


This specialist literacy supported IT programme helps students to read, write, and speak with confidence.

Social and Academic Mentors

Specialist Key Stage specific mentors support identified individuals or small groups of students.

Literacy Support

A specialist literacy teacher working with small groups and individual students to develop their literacy skills and carry out further assessments to identify barriers to learning.

Speech and Language Therapy

Special and Language therapists work alongside teachers and learning support assistants to put in place strategies to help students progress with communication difficulties.

If you do have any concerns about the SEND provision for your child in the school please contact the SENDCO, Laura Tutty in the first instance.

 Special Educational Needs Policy

SEND Report