Careers Education

Royal Greenwich Trust School is committed to providing all learners with access to high quality careers information, advice and guidance in order to ensure that they are fully prepared for the demands of the adult world and modern life in Britain.

At RGTS we expect each of our graduates to be fully prepared for the opportunities and the demands of the adult world. During each child’s school career we place strong emphasis on six key areas: Communication, Investigation, Networking, Participation, Scholarship and Vision. It is because students learn to excel in these areas that they gain the confidence to become successful global citizens prepared for the world of work. Schools have a statutory duty to provide access to independent and impartial careers education for students in years 8-13 in accordance with the statutory guidance provided by the Department for Education and the Gatsby Benchmarks for Careers Education. This is offered in addition to a comprehensive programme of internally led activities and provision for students.

As a school, we welcome all opportunities to provide further education, guidance and training to our students. A provider wishing to request access should contact Lee Davy, Assistant Headteacher who oversees the CEIAG provision in the school.

This will then be passed to the appropriate Key Stage lead.

Telephone: 020 8312 5480

Please read our current Careers Policy.

Review date of CEIAG programme: September 2024

Monitoring and Evaluation

The School’s Careers Programme is annually reviewed by the Careers lead with the Senior Leadership Team.

All individual activities are evaluated using a feedback form completed by the participating students, participating staff and employers/activity providers. These activities are then reviewed in light of the feedback and contribute to the overall review of the Careers Programme to ensure that all activities are as meaningful as possible.

The School tracks and monitors students’ engagement and uptake of CEIAG activities. This is done to ensure that all students receive an equitable access to provision and bespoke support where needed, depending on their individual circumstances or vulnerabilities.

At each of the key transition points (Year 9, Year 11 and Year 13), a register is established and monitored for students who are deemed to be at risk of becoming ‘NEET’. Using this information, the Inclusion Team, including Form Tutors, ensure that all students progress onto a pathway of sustained education, employment or training. Where students are identified as requiring additional support to secure a pathway that is right for them, the school may work with external agencies to provide additional support.

Our approach to monitoring and evaluation is long-term. We maintain accurate records of our students beyond the school through our alumni programme and utilise destination trends to inform our practice for future year groups.

Year 9 Pathways

In Term 3 and 4 (January – March), students in Year 9 will be making their choices for their programme of study in Key Stage 4.

The choice of what to study in Key Stage 4 is an important choice to make and can have wider impact on a child’s post 16 and post 18 destinations in terms of their choice of further and higher education, employment and training.

Students will be given a wide range of opportunities to support them with this decision in school and they will be encouraged to speak to their form tutors and class teachers to ensure that they are given appropriate information and guidance to make the right choice for them.

The Year 9 Pathways Event will be the formal launch of the pathways process. The event is an information event during which parents/carers will be given vital information on the RGTS curriculum offer at Key Stage 4, the process for choosing subjects for study in Year 10 and the support available for our Year 9 students to guide them through this important stage of their educational career.

We recognise that this process is an important milestone for our students and we encourage parents and carers to engage in conversations at home about your child’s future career aspirations and pathway. To support these conversations, please do engage with these external resources and tools with your child.

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