About Our Curriculum

RGTS, as part of the UST, is guided by the following principles to ensure that all pupils at every stage are provided with broad and balanced learning opportunities and experiences to empower them as people and as citizens. Through our curriculum, we are committed to offering:

  • high expectations – commitment to excellence, so that all pupils are continually learning and maintaining high standards of themselves and others
  • academic rigourinduction into the powerful knowledge of a wide range of subject disciplines and professional practice, using this to think critically within the school and beyond
  • character-building opportunitiesgrowth and development as individuals, in order to contribute to our school community and beyond: locally, professionally, nationally and globally
  • inclusion provision that allows all to flourish in a way that is tailored to meet individual needs and circumstances
  • future-focused thinkingcontinuous improvement that focuses on future ambitions and key transitions are at the heart of our aims, habits and practices

Our curriculum statement provides an overview of our offer including our courses in each Key Stage and their timetable allocations. If you would like to know more about our curriculum, please email info@rgtrustschool.net.

Curriculum Booklets