Sixth Form Curriculum Offer

At Royal Greenwich Trust School, we offer Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma courses for the 2021 – 2022 academic years. The BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diplomas specialise in single subjects and are equivalent to 3 A Levels, and all students study these for 2 years. Therefore, students go straight on to university with these diplomas. The subjects we offer are below:

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Business and Finance

Please view our Virtual Open Day videos for more information on each subject.

What are the entry requirements?

Students need 4 GCSE or equivalent qualifications with a minimum of a grade 4 including GCSE Maths grade 4 and GCSE English Language grade 4.

Course Overview

The BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diplomas comprise 13 – 15 units, of which 7 – 9 units are mandatory and the remaining units are optional. The optional units have been pre-selected by the subject leaders to ensure a broad and varied curriculum and topics which are desirable to universities and employers. 3 – 4 of the mandatory units are external exams.

What do the courses consist of?

Students will be taught the course content through blended learning and practical tasks. Students will be able to use our many new computer rooms and study rooms to work independently on their coursework tasks throughout the week.

What benefits are there to studying BTECs?

Students will be able to go straight onto university degree courses, Level 4 or higher apprenticeships, employment or set up an enterprise. The coursework units enable students to bank grades as they go through the course instead of relying on terminal exams to decide the outcome of their course. As a practical based course, students get a real sense of work-related learning so that any move into industry at the end of the course is a smoother transition than traditional A levels allow.

Key Stage 5 Programme of study

Sixth Form students’ programme study is based around either achieving strong grades in three A-level subjects, or a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma award in on of:

  • Business Studies
  • Construction
  • Engineering

Qualification hours

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma

On the BTEC Level 3 Programme of Study there are nine double-lessons scheduled each week, with a total duration of 900 minutes.

Complimentary parts of the KS5 curriculum offer

Character Development

All students attend a 50 minute lesson of our Character Development programme each week, in line with the whole school pastoral programme. This examines a key theme each week and in tutor time, students will explore this through key questions for the week.

Pastoral care

The assembly and tutor programme across the Sixth Form in scheduled for 20 minutes per day, with a total of 100 minutes per week.

Independent (private) study

In addition to the qualification hours calculations above, students have 11 supervised private study periods.

Exemplar Programme of Study Hours Calculations

Notes: The school calendar designates that students should attend for 190 school days in each academic year, equivalent to 38 weeks of 5 days’ full-time study.

As exams typically take time to administer throughout the course of the year, the number of weeks students are in lessons is stated as 36 (i.e. 2 weeks fewer than total attendance).

Typical KS5 Programme of Study hours for BTEC Level 3 student

Qualification Hours

BTEC Subject - 900 mins / wk = 15 hrs / wk x 36 wks/year = 540 hours / year

Total = 540 hours / year

Non-Qualification Hours

Character Development - 50 mins / wk x 36 wks/year = 30 hours / year

Tutor/Assembly - 100 mins / wk x 36 wks/year = 60 hours / year

Private Study - 250 mins / wk x 36 wks/year = 150 hours / year

Total = 240 hours / year