Sixth Form Enrolment

Ready to join RGTS Sixth Form?

Enrolment - Time to Start Sixth Form

Enrolment starts for our Level 3 BTEC courses on Thursday 22nd August 2024 (see below for timings). It will continue on Friday 26th August and then Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st August 10am-1pm.

Term starts for Year 12 on Wednesday 4th September.

Royal Greenwich Trust School  
765 Woolwich Road

Nearest station: Charlton

Buses: 177, 472, 161, 180 stop directly outside the school

What time do I need to enrol?

Enrolment day: Thursday 22nd August 2024

  • 9.00–11.00am for existing RGTS students
  • 12.00–2.00pm for students new to RGTS

Enrolment will continue on Friday 26th, Tuesday 30th & Wednesday 31st August 10.00am–1.00pm.

Term starts for Year 12 on Wednesday 4th September.

What do I need to bring?

Remember to bring your documents.

  • You will need to bring your exam results – these should be uploaded to your online application before your meeting or you will be able to do this in school.
  • You will need an ID document (eg. birth certificate, passport or photo ID) and a proof of address
  • You will also need the username & password that you used to apply.

What happens at enrolment?

We will help and support you during enrolment:

  • We will help you to upload your exam results if you have not already done so. Make sure you bring these in on your device or have a hard copy of these.
  • Members of staff will assist you with this process.
  • We will take your photograph for your student ID card, which you will receive at induction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the entry requirements?

You will need to have grades of 4 GCSE (or equivalent qualifications) with a minimum of a grade 4 (including GCSE Maths grade 4 and GCSE English Language grade 4).

What if I haven’t met the entry requirements for the course ?

If your grades are not quite as expected you should still come to the enrolment and talk to our staff. We are able to offer resists in maths or English to support you.

I can't decide what subject I want to study?

An applicant can only take a maximum of 1 Level 3 BTEC. Our staff can help you to decide on which course you definitely want to do at enrolment if you are undecided.

Can I bring my friend/family member with me?

Yes you can bring a family member.

Is it too late for my friend/family member to apply?

No, it is not too late. If they have the required GCSE grades they can make an online application before they arrive at the school, or they can do so on site.

Students will meet with a member of staff to ensure they are making the right choice of course.

What courses are on offer?

We offer Level 3 BTECS (the equivalent of 3 A levels) in 2 subjects:

  1. Engineering
  2. Business Studies

In addition, there will be an opportunity to resit either English or Maths GCSE.

When do I get my timetable / when do lessons start?

Induction begins on Wednesday 4th September 2024. Your timetable will be given to you at induction.

I am not getting back from holiday until after enrolment, will this affect my place?

Enrolment is a way of you telling us that you want your place. You are welcome to send someone to enrol on your behalf, but they must have a copy of your grades in order to do this and a note will be put on file of when you are due to return and attend classes. If this is not possible then, unfortunately, there might be a chance that your place could be taken and you will not be able to do your preferred subjects with us.

Need more help?

We are here to help you.

If you have any questions about enrolment or studying at Royal Greenwich Sixth Form please call or email for advice and guidance:

Telephone: 020 8312 5480

Staff will be on site from Thursday 22nd August to help you with enrolment and answer questions you may have.