Royal Greenwich Trust School believes that a straightforward, plain and reasonably priced uniform does much to develop a feeling of identity among students at the School. All students must wear the uniform.

Uniform items must be plain, without accessories, logos, decoration or any other colours.

  • Blazer: Grey, with pink trim, RGTS blazer with logo
  • Shirt: Plain white shirt with collar
  • Tie: RGTS tie, worn to the waist
  • Jumper (optional): RGTS V-Neck with logo
  • Cardigan (girls only, optional): RGTS V-Neck with logo
  • Trousers: Plain matt black, tailored, regular fit (no denim, coloured pocket zips or skinny fit trousers)
  • Skirt: No Skirts. Boys and girls unisex uniform
  • Shoes: Plain black leather school shoes, providing adequate protection and support (no casuals, fabric, canvas, trainers, sandals, pumps, ‘work’ type shoes e.g. Doctor Martins, high heels, boots, coloured laces, coloured stitching)
  • School Bag: RGTS school bag only
  • Coat: Plain black, to be removed in class (no leather, suede, denim, hoody, sweatshirt, sports top, body
    warmer or gillet)
  • Hijab, Prayer Cap, Turban, Patka: Plain matt black

Jewellery, Decoration and other items

  • Jewellery: A single necklace or bracelet for religious reasons. No body jewellery or nosestuds.
  • Hair: Natural hair colours only. No coloured extensions or hair dye. No shaved hair patterns.
  • Hats: Plain black woollen hat, only to be worn outside the buildings during cold weather(no bobbles, visors)
  • Scarves: Plain black
  • Hair Fasteners: Plain black or plain white
  • Earrings: Small plain studs, matching pair or single
  • Belts: Plain black, plain buckle (no oversized buckles)
  • Make-up: To be modest and discreet (no lipstick, false eyelashes, acrylic nails)

PE Kit

Required items

  • T-Shirt: Black RGTS t-shirt with logo
  • Shorts: Black RGTS shorts with logo
  • Socks: Black with pink trim RGTS football socks
  • PE Bag: Black RGTS drawstring bag
  • Trainers – Pumps (converse, vans etc.) and plimsolls not allowed.

Optional items

  • Tracksuit bottoms: Black RGTS bottoms
  • Sweatshirt: Black RGTS half-zip sweatshirt

* JK Clothing sells many of the school specific items in our uniform.


Students should have the following equipment with them every day at school:

  • RGTS planner
  • Pencil Case with the following contents:
  • 2 blue and/or Black writing pens
  • 2 red pens
  • 2 pencils
  • Sharpener and rubber
  • 1 Ruler
  • Scientific calculator
  • A reading book
  • Water bottle
  • PE Kit (only on days where they have PE or sports enrichment activities)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there second hand uniform available?

Yes. Contact info@rgtstrustschool.net if you are interested in purchasing some of our pre-loved uniform at reduced costs.

Where can I buy uniform from and how much will it cost?

The sole uniform supplier for the RGTS Blazer, tie, V-neck jumper, cardigan and all PE kit is:

JK Clothing: 148 Well Hall Road, Eltham, SE9 6SN. Tel: 0208 859 4004
Website: jkclothing.net
Open 7 days a week: Monday–Friday 09:00-17:30 & Saturday 09:00am – 4:00pm

Uniform Price List

What should I do if there is a problem with my child’s uniform?

Give your child a signed and dated note to show their student manager before 9:00am.

Your child will be given a uniform pass and may be issued temporary uniform items.

What should I do if there is a problem with my child’s PE kit?

Give your child a signed and dated note to show their PE teacher. Also bring a black alternative kit to wear on the day.

What will happen if my child is in the wrong uniform?

Your child will be issued with a detention. Non-uniform items will be confiscated and only be returned to the parent/carer. Non-uniform items will be replaced with temporary uniform items as required.

Can my child wear religious dress?

Yes, the following items may be worn: Hijab, Prayer Cap, Turban, Patka: Plain matt black

How can I help my child not to lose any items of their uniform?

All P.E items will be personalised with initials at a small cost in the shop for your safekeeping. You should also write your child’s name clearly in black permanent pen on every item of their uniform, including their PE kit.

Can my child wear jewellery?

The wearing of jewellery is limited to the following items:

A single necklace or bracelet for religious reasons
Earrings: Small plain studs, matching pair or single

Can my child wear make-up?

Any make-up worn must be modest and discreet.
Lipstick, false eyelashes and acrylic nails are not allowed.

What happens in hot weather with blazers?

All students will be expected to wear their blazers to and from school. Classroom teachers will decide whether students can remove their blazers inside the classroom.